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Background & Lanten Minority
Lanten in Luang NamthaThe Lanten wear distinctive black indigo-dyed cotton clothing with pink trim and silver jewelry. They too have migrated south from China over the past hundred years or so, bringing cultural practices and beliefs based on a mix of Taoism, ancestor and spirit worship. The Lanten live primarily along the province’s smaller rivers and streams, and are sometimes referred to as Lao Houay, meaning “stream Lao.” The Lanten produce high quality cotton cloth, wooden ceremonial masks and durable bamboo paper. Like the Lanten Children closely related Yao, they have a well-developed writing system based on ancient Chinese characters. Men record religious texts, rituals and legends on bamboo paper that is produced by Lanten women.

One place that Lanten ceremonial masks are still being made is in Nam Lue Village. Mr. Lao Lee, a Lanten shaman that lives in Nam Lue village reports that the production of these masks almost completely stopped from the mid 1970’s until the late 1990’s, when it was revived due to a combination of support from the government to strengthen cultural industries and tourist’s interest in purchasing them.
Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay “Tai Deang Village” (ID: LT-HS-07)     Ban Nam Ha Homestay “Khmu Village” (ID: LT-HS-05)
Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay “Tai Deang Village”     Ban Nam Ha Homestay “Khmu Village”
Experience Tai Deang homestay, to see & learning Laos Whisky making, black smith, bamboo basket. Participate traditional Baci-ceremony, practice community based tourism activities with local people such as: step of natural dyeing, traditional weaving & daily activities of the family. || Read more |     Experience the Khmu culture & tradition, taste local meals, learn & practice how to husking rice, black smith, making bamboo basket “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…” Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, sword dance, half day trek through the jungle forest & mountain to learn about nature, wild life, technique for hunting animals & experience local food. || Read more |
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