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the Community Based Tourism "CBT"
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Community Based Tourism "CBT" in Ban Nam Dee
Community based tourism in Ban Nam Dee was initiated in 2003. It was developed in response to preserve natures and as an alternative source of income for local villagers. According to the village headman, as poverty is still a main problem in the area, there is a need to generate jobs and income for villagers in order to prevent them from illegal forest encroachment. The original idea of community based tourism was raised by The Community Based Eco-Tourism Project (CBETP) - funding from New Zealand and ADB’s Mekong Tourism Development Project (2003-2008) though Luang Namtha Provincial of Information, Culture & Tourism Department (PICTD) and the Phou Iu Travel & Eco-Tours.
Community Based Tourism "CBT" in Ban Nam Dee
At that time, we had training programs and study tours on ecotourism supported by the project. Based on our experiences, we saw a potential of ecotourism resources in the village.  These include both physical and cultural resources. Then we discussed that idea with the people in the village. Once the agreement had been reached among the small group of leaders, the village’s forum was organized to discuss and agree about “the community based tourism”. With assistance from the project & Phou Iu Travel & Eco-Tours, the community based tourism was first implemented in 2003. The ecotourism activities included village sightseeing, waterfall, cultural shows and homestay. For homestay, only 2 houses were available at the beginning. To date, 5 houses are able to cater for the homestay. The formal opening of community based tourism was held on 2005. Various training programs were organized to strengthen the management system of community based tourism organization.  In addition, the PICTD sponsored the research program in identifying an appropriate model for community based tourism in Ban Nam Dee.  This action research helps villagers familiar with the concept of ecotourism.
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