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Eco-tourism Activities in Ban Nam Dee
Trekking in Ban Nam Dee-Laos HomestayTo date, around 1,500 tourists visit Ban Nam Dee annually and 300 are catered for by the homestay. Hundred per cent of the homestay tourists are foreigners. Income generated from ecotourism is about 10,000 US$ per annum. This figure increased from 2,000 US$ in 2005. Each homestay household usually obtains 400-500 US$ income per annum and 10 per cent of incomes are allocated to village development as follows: 5 per cent to the village development fund, and 5 per cent as the compensation to the Community Based Tourism Committee. The income generated from ecotourism has funded various community welfare programs, ranging from infrastructure to forest conservation.

Program 1. One Day Return Travel. The activities include visit the waterfall, trekking to the mountain, observe the village’s way of life, and visit the occupation group.  Local guide is provided.
Program 2. Homestay. The activities include village sightseeing, cultural show, merit making, and tree planting. The tourists will learn and participate in various activities of the occupation groups.  At night, the accommodation is provided.  Usually, one house will cater about five homestay tourists.  Under this program, it is limited to 10 tourists per trip. | For detail read more |

Program 3. Study Tour. The activities include village sightseeing, observe the village way of life, and visit the occupation groups.  If stay overnight, the accommodation will be provided.
Service Fee (Rate of exchange 1US$ per 8,000 kip)
  • Food: 25,000 kip/per person/per meal
  • Accommodation: 30,000 kip/ per person/per night
  • Home Owner Service Charge: 30,000 kip/per person/per day
  • Visitation Charge: 30,000 kip/per person/per day
  • Local Guide: 60,000 kip/per group/per day (4 persons in each group)/additional 30,000 kip per night for staying overnight in the camp
  • Tent and Service Charge: 50,000 kip/per day/ and those who bring their own tent pay 15,000 kip/per day
  • Cultural Performance and Baci Ceremonies ceremony: 500,000 kip/per time
  • Traditional music performance: 300,000 kip/per time
  • Other traditional cultural performance: 300,000 kip/per time
  • Transportation: 300,000 kip/per day
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