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Luang Namtha District & Province, Laos
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Lanten People in Luang Namtha  
Contact village headman (Mr. Boun Sai)
Mobile: +856-20-5664 4934 (Laos Spoken)
Booking homestay through Phou Iu Travel & Eco-tours
Luang Namtha District and Province, Laos
Mobile: +856-20-2881 9198 5235 0055 (Speak English).
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Why booking through Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism?
  1. The local people can’t use internet, can’t speaking English... that difficult to confirm your booking (they have only mobile phone).
  2. The Homestay Project were idea between Villages and Phou Iu Travel. Because the village less budget to development, less experience, do not know how to process...for conservation culture, protect nature and making small income for the local people. The leader of the villager invited the Phou Iu Travel who knowledge how to develop community based tourism to help and support for training, marketing, managements, necessary equipment, base construction, study tour community based tourism village. That reason the Phou Iu Travel will charge with tourist who join the homestay activities only 12 US$/person/time. The money will pay for marketing, office managing, officer salary and etc. in the town.
  3. If you can booking by yourself with the village. The village will charge 10 US$ /person/time for Phou Iu Travel also.
Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay “Tai Deang Village” (ID: LT-HS-07)     Ban Nam Ha Homestay “Khmu Village” (ID: LT-HS-05)
Ban Pieng Ngam Homestay “Tai Deang Village”     Ban Nam Ha Homestay “Khmu Village”
Experience Tai Deang homestay, to see & learning Laos Whisky making, black smith, bamboo basket. Participate traditional Baci-ceremony, practice community based tourism activities with local people such as: step of natural dyeing, traditional weaving & daily activities of the family. || Read more |     Experience the Khmu culture & tradition, taste local meals, learn & practice how to husking rice, black smith, making bamboo basket “bamboo toys such as: birds, frogs, cup…” Khmu traditional Baci-ceremony, sword dance, half day trek through the jungle forest & mountain to learn about nature, wild life, technique for hunting animals & experience local food. || Read more |
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